Calabash Cove, St. Lucia: “Unconditional” all-inclusive option

Calabash Cove & Spa in St. Lucia offers an “unconditional” all-inclusive option year-round. Taking the usual understanding of “all-inclusive” a few steps further – this classy, relaxing boutique hotel provides guests on the plan a choice of anything on the menu for any meal with complimentary room service, if desired.

Drinks are handled in a similar fashion with all first tier brands included. While wine is available by the glass – you can also choose from 20 different wines by the bottle from the wine cellar at no additional charge.

Doesn’t even have to be with a meal – enjoying the spectacular view and sunset from your balcony or terrace before dinner – you can order a bottle of wine to go with it – no charge.

One feature that makes Calabash Cove such a tranquil, boutique getaway!!

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